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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0 - The repository shall have a procedure(s) for identifying those Information Properties that it will preserve.

Supporting Text

This is necessary to establish a clear understanding with depositors, funders, and the repository's designated communities how the repository determines and checks what the characteristics and properties of preserved items will be over the long term. These procedures will be necessary to confirm authenticity or to identify erroneous claims of authenticity of the preserved digital record.

Examples of Ways the Repository Can Demonstrate It Is Meeting This Requirement

Definitions of the Information Properties which should be preserved; Submission agreements/deposit agreements, Preservation Policies, written processing procedures, workflow documentation.Introduction
SP commits to preserving materials for which it has accepted responsibility and to maintain access to the material for the Designated Community. SP maintains a discussion with Scholars Portal Operations & Development Committee (SPOD) in order to ensure that the preserved Information Properties are adequately serving the Designated Community. The repository will also be guided by digital preservation best practices and standards.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian


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