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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0 - The repository shall have contracts or deposit agreements which specify and transfer all necessary preservation rights, and those rights transferred shall be documented.


In order to fully enact SP's Preservation Strategic Plan, the following preservation rights are necessary:

  • local load
  • perpetual access
  • transformation

SP will accept preservation responsibility for materials from Providers who will only agree to local load and perpetual access, but these materials will be preserved at the less rigorous "bit-level" preservation level. In order to qualify for the "full" preservation level, the Provider must also agree to a clause enabling transformative preservation. For additional details on these rights, see the Preservation Implementation Plan.

Prior to being signed, each contract with a Provider is evaluated to determine which of these preservation rights it supports. OCUL maintains a list of all such Providers and the rights transferred.

For an example of the rights that OCUL will attempt to negotiate, please see the OCUL Model Licenses. Please note that wording may differ between licenses.


OCUL Projects Officer

Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

Relevant Documents

  1. Scholars Portal Preservation Strategic Plan
  2. Preservation Implementation Plan 
  3. OCUL Model Licenses 
  4. OCUL Consortial Product Licenses (password required)
  5. Record of rights transferred by Provider (available on request)