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3.1.2 - The repository shall have a Preservation Strategic Plan that defines the approach the repository will take in the long-term support of itsmission.


A summary of our practices in relation to our objectives, commitments, and context. May include:

  1. Standards met or industry best practices employed, and their applicability to Scholars Portal; certifications achieved or audits undertaken
  2. Differences from standards or best practices and our rationale for those differences
  3. Potential risks or threats and our risk management strategy
  4. Future plans/expectations, firm or infirm
  5. Monitoring commitments and/or document review schedule


  1. Document Title (link)
  2. Document Title (link)
  3. Document Title (link)
  4. Example (link)
  5. Example


Who in Scholars Portal is chiefly responsible for this issue at the present time?

TRAC2 Criteria Description

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order to help the repository make administrative decisions, shape policies and allocate resources in order to successfully preserve its holdings.