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Welcome to the Permafrost hosted preservation pilot project wiki! Interested in the service? Head to

Academic libraries and archives across Ontario are host to a wide variety of unique digital collections that have been acquired or created locally. These collections emerge from, and reflect, their communities, whether they are digitized photographs, video and audio from archives, born digital university records and private papers, or theses and student newspapers. Many of these collections are the product of over a decade of successful digitization projects, and new materials are coming into libraries and archives as born digital files, including precious and fragile materials on disks and hard drives, and new forms of documentation such as web archives. All of these heterogeneous materials require robust tools, systems and infrastructure for long-term preservation. 

Scholars Portal is responding to the need to preserve these materials by piloting Permafrost, a hosted digital preservation service for OCUL members. The proposed service will provision open source tools for digital preservation in combination with the Ontario Library Research Cloud to OCUL members. 

Permafrost is currently running in participation with five pilot partners and additional institutions from across the province who are participating in information gathering. This wiki will gather This wiki gathers together project documentation and provide provides a space for participants to view and collaborate on project documents. It will also provide provides a toolbox of readings and resources related to digital preservation policies, practices and tools. 

Interested in participating? Contact Grant Hurley, Digital Preservation Librarian at 

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