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4.1.3 - The repository shall have adequate specifications enabling recognition and parsing of the SIPs.


Scholars Portal employs the use of a number tools through the FITS software package to identify and validate the file formats contained within the SIP.


Upon ingest, every file in the repository is subject to identification of its file format using DROID and validation of that format using JHOVE. During the process of DROID identification, a file format is associated with each file






, where possible, the file is linked to the format's entry in PRONOM, the British National Archive's format registry. The outputs of these processes are recorded in the preservation metadata for each file.

When necessary, Scholars Portal crosswalks metadata from the publisher's XML/SGML to a Scholars Portal version of NLM XML. The repository creates preservation metadata for each file. The preservation level, explained in the Preservation Implementation Plan, is applied to each file upon ingest and recorded in the preservation metadata for each file.

Please see the documents below for further details.


Software Developer - Responsible for the creation of loader scripts.

Digital Preservation Policy Librarian - Ensures proper functioning of overall system.

Metadata Librarian - Authors NIH metadata crosswalk, if necessary.

System and Web Development Analyst - Receives notification of failed loader scripts.

OCUL Person - Approves contract specifications.

Relevant Documents

  1. Registry of File Formats
  2. Definition of SIP
  3. Preservation Action Plan