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Changing a citation date

  1. Find the dataset id (see above) for the dataset with the citation date you want to update using the persistent identifier from your dataset (DOI or HandleMake note of the DOI or handle of the dataset you want to change the citation date for (referred to as the "persistent ID" below).
  2. Ensure that the date you want to change the citation date to is reflected in your dataset metadata in a date field, e.g. in the deposit date field, and is in a published version of the dataset.
  3. Find the name of the field you want to use as the citation date in the Metadata tab under "Export Metadata" > "JSON", e.g. for the deposit date you would use the field name of 'dateOfDeposit', for production date, use "productionDate".
    1. (In this example, we can see that the field is called 'dateOfDeposit' under the metadata blocks.
  4. Enter the following command, replacing the dataset IDpersistent ID (starting with "doi:" or "hdl:"), API key, and name of the metadata field being used to replace the citation date:

    curl -H "X-Dataverse-key: API_TOKEN" -X PUT "$datasetID:persistentId/citationdate?keypersistentId=$apiKey$PERSISTENT_ID" --data "dateOfDeposit"

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