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Many API commands can involve viewing JSON-formatted information directly in your web browser. While some browsers will format this in a readable way by default (e.g. Firefox), some will not (e.g. Chrome). If you find the JSON hard to read, consider installing a JSON viewing browser extension (e.g. JSON Formatter for Chrome).

Sending Output to a File

If a command you are using outputs data that you want to save, you can save the results to a file instead of having them displayed to you on the command-line. To do this, you need to adjust your command to send the output to a file. The general structure to do this is:

curl https://some/api/command > filename.extension

For example, if you wanted to send the JSON output of information about a collection to a file, you would do the following:

curl > ottawa.json

You could adjust the file extension or filename by changing the "ottawa.json" portion of the command.

Super User Commands

Some API commands in Dataverse can only be run by a super user. This means that this command has to be run by someone from Scholars Portal. If you have a command like this that you want to run, contact us.