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On March 1, 2012, OCUL launched its newest service, Scholars GeoPortal. We encourage all Ontario university students, staff and faculty to explore the site and use our online tools to discover the fascinating geospatial data on offer.



Scholars GeoPortal

Launched in 2021, Scholars GeoPortal is a hardware and software infrastructure that provides access to large scale geospatial datasets, as well as sophisticated search, discovery and analysis tools to make the data readily available to Ontario researchers. Resources include data licensed by Ontario academic libraries, such as land-based vector data (water, cultural features, etc.), census geography, and orthophotography. Increasingly, the GeoPortal also include open, historical collections such as topographic maps and census data

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What's New?

U of T local geospatial collection now in Scholars GeoPortal October 31, 2012

Scholars GeoPortal Officially Launched! March 1, 2012

Scholars GeoPortal Recognized by the OLA Jan 23, 2012

OPHID project launched October 7, 2011

Scholars GeoPortal Beta now available! August 25, 2011

Press Release July 3, 2009

Related Project Announced April 7, 2011




Updates of Interest


  •  Information on the GeoPortal's origins, contents, features and use cases
  • How to get in touch / support contacts
  • Usage Statistics

Full Collection

  • Links to the complete data inventory
  • How to view most recent datasets 

Special Projects

  • Projects undertaken by the OCUL GeoCommunity to load unique content in the GeoPortal

Scholars GeoPortal Guides

  • Links to detailed user Guides
  • Information on the Metadata standards and processes used in the GeoPortal

Scholars GeoPortal Contacts

  • Scholars Portal Contacts
  • Institutional Contacts

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