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Terms of Reference

The OCUL Digital Curation Community will bring together OCUL members who have roles in supporting preservation and access to digitized and born digital materials. The scope of this conversation is envisioned as encompassing the full digital curation lifecycle: including digital object creation/digitization, preservation, and the facilitation of access.

The impetus for the OCUL Digital Curation Community comes from the OCUL Digital Curation Summit at York University in May, 2013. There was a clear desire among summit participants for opportunities to share knowledge, experience, work being done at our institutions, and occasions for collaboration. As such, this will be the initial focus of the community. It is also anticipated that the community will serve as a sounding board for issues around digital curation, and provide advice for curation focused activities within OCUL.

As digital curation activities are core to the OCUL mission, this is envisioned as an ongoing community.


Membership to the OCUL Digital Curation Community is open to all OCUL member institutions. Community membership is at the discretion of each institutions institution and may include more than one person from an institution.

For more information or to become involved contact Community Moderator: Nick Ruest, Digital Assets Librarian, York University (

Work Plan

Here you will find current and past Community work plans.

Meetings and Meet-ups

Information about upcoming and past Community meetings and events

Mailing List

To subscribe please email the Community Moderator or


Policies, procedures, and best practices documents

 Digital Curation Bibliography


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