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  • Formatting was changed. - The repository shall have mechanisms for review, update, and ongoing development of its Preservation Policies as the repository grows and as technology and community practice evolve.

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order that the repository has up-to-date, complete policies and procedures in place that reflect the current requirements and practices of its community(ies) for preservation.

Examples of Ways the Repository can Demonstrate it is Meeting this Requirement

Current and past written documentation in the form of Preservation Policies, Preservation Strategic Plans and Preservation Implementation Plans, procedures, protocols, and workflows; specifications of review cycles for documentation; documentation detailing reviews, surveys and feedback. If documentation is embedded in system logic, functionality should demonstrate the implementation of policies and procedures.Introduction

Please refer to Scholars Portal's Review Cycle for Documentation Policy.


Software Developer - Responsible for the creation of loader scripts.

Digital Preservation Policy Librarian - Ensures proper functioning of overall system.

Metadata Librarian - Authors NIH metadata crosswalk, if necessary.

System and Web Development Analyst - Receives notification of failed loader scripts.

Relevant Documents

  1. Review Cycle for Documentation Policy
  2. Preservation Strategic Plan
  3. Preservation Implementation Plan
  4. Preservation Action Plan
  5. Workflow Charts