WizFolio Trial

Scholars Portal and WizFolio are pleased to offer the OCUL community a new web-based citation management application on a no-risk trial basis. We invite you to try out the software and give us your feedback. If you enjoy using WizFolio, you are welcome to continue using it even after the completion of our trial; your data will not be lost. We hope that WizFolio will become an integral tool for you and your users.

What is WizFolio?

WizFolio (www.wizfolio.com) is a web-based journal reference management application with over 10,000 registered users worldwide. The software allows you to easily manage and cite your journal references. In addition to journal references, the application can also collect information off the web including books, videos, patents and snippet of web pages. You can organize and share your collection with fellow researchers, colleagues and students.
For more information about the application please click here: http://spotdocs.scholarsportal.info/display/wizfolio/Home

How do I create a WizFolio account?

You can sign up for WizFolio with your University email address at http://www.wizfolio.com. Click on Join Now, enter your University email address and select Academic Account.

A verification email will be sent to you. Click on the link in the email to activate your WizFolio account.
After you have created your account, you can enable WizFolio to link to your university’s library. Click on Settings (top right corner) then go to Library Linkage and select your university.

How does the Trial work?

This trial begins on 15 Jan 2010 and tentatively scheduled to end on 15 Sep 2010. After the trial period, depending on your feedback, Scholars Portal may continue with the service. Otherwise, WizFolio will continue to maintain your account as a free Starter Account. You can continue to manage your collections subject to Starter Account Storage Limitation of 1 GB. If during the trial your storage exceeds 1 GB, WizFolio will still maintain all your data, but you will not be able to add new data with the Starter Account status. If you find WizFolio useful, you can continue to use the full features of WizFolio by purchasing a Premium subscription for $25 per year.

Technical Support

For technical support, you can click on the Feedback button in your WizFolio page in the top right corner and WizFolio staff will assist you with your enquiries within one business day.

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  1. Apologies is this isn't the intended splace for feedback on WizFolio. Here's my take:

    Citation management software is now much more than a stand-alone product in which one can selects a product over another because of a match-up of techical capabilities. I see it more as a platform where scholarly work is performed and shared.

    Zotero is the platform of choice of the digital humanities and its already used by over a million people. All things considered, I would rather invest my energy into Zotero. I think it would be very well received if Scholars Portal started acting as a Zotero server host for Canadian users.

  2. Hi Mita,

    This is definitely the place to post feedback!

    We're big supporters of Zotero as well and are currently trying to figure out the logistics of hosting a WebDav server for OCUL Zotero users.

    The reason we also like WizFolio is for the reasons you mention. It's better suited for collaboration and sharing than any other commercial product we've seen. Also, it's ease of use makes it more appealing for novice users, while the learning curve for Zotero can be quite steep considering most users never bother to upgrade from IE.

    1. First off, I forgot to mention how I very much appreciate the work that Scholars Portal has already done to make existing SP services work with Zotero.

      My concern is that users tend to use only one citation management suite of software. So by promoting WizFolio, it would seem that we are promoting it at expense of other citation management suites. Ideally, of course, we would only have to worry about standards and let our users decide what products to use. That's why the the addition of unAPI and COinS information helps Zotero users, and CiteULike users and future users of future products.

      Oh yes, and Zotero is going standalone! http://www.zotero.org/blog/standalone-zotero/

      All the best,