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  1. Anonymous

    Overall, I don't think we could replace RefWorks with Wizfolio until Wizfolio shows some significant improvement.  Some larger concerns I have are:

    1. When I import new references, those references go into the last folder I was working in.  Yikes!  I really like the last imported folder in RefWorks.  Gives me a chance to figure out where I want to put those citations and to just by default put it in the last folder I was using is not something a user will notice and understand until it's too late!
    2. Not all the styles appear to be in the list of options and we can't tell which version of a style is being used- APA style; which edition?
    3. I don't like how it matches 2 citations as you are trying to import and forces you to decide on either one.  The matching isn't very exact and sometimes, like when doing a systematic review, I need duplicates to exist so I can review them later and know which article came from which search.
    1. Thanks for the feedback! I'm sure the WizFolio development team will appreciate it.

      Please keep in mind that WizFolio is by no means meant to be a replacement for RefWorks, but rather an alternative that might better suit the needs of certain users.

    2. Anonymous

      Hi this is Casey Chan, I am co-founder and CEO of WizFolio. Thank you for your feedback.

      Regarding the import function, I assume that you meant import from an RIS file. The bibliographic data will be imported into the currently focussed folder. So you will be able to select which folder you want your bibliographic data to be imported to. Based on your feedback, we will consider implementing either a user confirmation of the selected folder or a popup for user to select the desired folder.

      We are increasing the number of pre-defined citation styles. Thank you for pointing out the need to include edition for the standard citation styles. Please note that you can in WizFolio customize your citation style on-the-fly with instant preview. The customized citation style can be saved and re-used.

      We have done a number of focussed group studies on users' preference on how to deal with duplicates. There is no ideal solution. Most users tell us that they want automatic detection of potential duplicates and that there should be an easy method of resolving the field value conflict. We appreciate your feedback regarding the need to keep duplicates (intentionally). We will look into implementing a by-pass for the automatic duplicate check.

      If you have any further query or suggestions please contact us at

  2. Anonymous

    The WizfolioCite Window at the bottom of my screen blocks other windows.  I can't adjust the size, only minimize the window completely.  It's a small thing.

    Overall the design does look more Web 2.0 than RefWorks but I think functionality is more important than design.  RefWorks is not significantly worse in terms of usability so this is not a big consideration.

  3. Anonymous

    Is there a maximum amount of space for the PDFs that I put into Wizfolio or RefWorks for that matter?

    1. Yes, The maximum is 5GB for both RefWorks and Wizfolio.