SPOTDocs will be unavailable between 7pm and 9pm on Thursday evening for a software upgrade. 


SPOTDocs will be upgraded from version 5.10 to version 6.12 of Atlassian’s Confluence software.  In addition to an updated look & feel, the new version has several exciting features to support collaboration:

  • Collaborative editing: Much like Google Docs, you can edit a page collaboratively in real time with other users.
  • Desktop editing of attachments: Attached files can be opened on your desktop for editing and saved directly back into SPOTDocs.
  • Improved file preview options: Preview slide decks and more from within SPOTDocs.
  • Customizable sidebars: Each SPOTDocs space has its own customizable sidebar, which can include links to the space’s blog, shortcuts to key pages for each group, and more.
  • Mobile support: The new version of SPOTDocs will be accessible via Atlassian’s Confluence mobile app for easier on-the-go editing.


For more information about new or upgraded features, please see the release notes for recent versions of Confluence.

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