Current State of the App

Report generated by using the lighthouse labs accessibility audit tool in chrome. Does a seemingly good job at catching obvious issues that are parseable via the DOM. Not so great at catching design issues like tab traps.

Aria attributes for screen readers

Each of these were tested using nvda on google chrome. Each could be a ticket or a group of tickets, but this list is mostly to get a sense of what 'types' of attributes are missing and how they manifest.

The lighthouse labs accessibility report seemingly does a good job of catching these types of aria issues. That should be read or re-run for an exhaustive list.

Dictates: "login" - should include 'if you are off-campus'

Scholars GeoPortal logo:

Issue: Image elements do not have 'alt' attribute

Dictates the href attribute - "

Dictates: "Checked box checked". Should reference "Downloadable content only

Screen magnifier

Yet to test

Contrast issues

Should we increase contrast on current elements or do we need to move towards a different color theme?

Static files

These include pdfs, some of which are created on our end, but some of which are provided by our vendors (eg DMTI).

How do we test these?

Data files

When a user downloads a shapefile, or a csv, or other data type, how do we determine whether that file is accessible?

Details View in Geoportal

A user can tab through search results, but cannot enter the details view of a search result, and as such cannot add a layer to a map.

Adding a layer to a map in Geoportal

If the layer requires an agreement dialogue, a user cannot tab in to agree to the agreement:

None of the highlighted areas can be accessed via tab:

Each of these create dialogues that are inaccessible from an aria screenreader perspective. They need to be individually reviewed.

Map View in Geoportal

Map isn't accessible via tab. Additionally none of the controls have appropriate aria labels when hovered over using a screenreader.

Automated Accessibility testing

Is it worth investing in now? Can this be a spike ticket? Which libraries does SP have experience with?

Further Reading

Accessible Content Creation

Web Accessibility at SP

Example of a government web map that is accessible (particularly like the 'skip to main content' idea that appears when using a screen reader):

Helpful presentation to frame the problem space and solutions: Link to accessibility presentation

How Jira reported on their accessibility improvements:

Sparkgeo blogs about web map accessibility:

Minnesota IT services approach to web map accesibility:

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