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Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure Initiative (<odesi>)

Established in 2007, <odesi> (Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure) is a digital repository for social science data, including polling data. It is a web-based data exploration, extraction and analysis tool that uses the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) social science data standard.

<odesi> provides researchers the ability to search for survey questions (variables) across hundreds of datasets. The data is in different formats, such as microdata, Excel and B2020 files.

New data in ODESI
contains over 5,400 datasets for the social sciences, with more than 18,200 additional dataset descriptions available for searching.
Figures from: "Etiology and biomechanics of midfoot (Lisfranc) injuries in athletes"
Canadian Business Patterns, 1988-2014 [B2020 files]
Impact of thinning in naturally regenerated balsam fir stand
The Orlando British Women's Writing Dataset Release 1: Biography and Bibliography
The CWRC Ontology Specification 0.99.80
Continuous In-situ Measurements of Anchor Ice Formation, Growth and Release Mechanisms in Rivers
BLE beacon indoor localization dataset
Age-related deficits in speech production: from phonological planning to motor implementation
Enquête sur la population active, juillet 2019 [Canada]
Labour Force Survey, July 2019 [Canada]
Canadian Community Health Survey, 2015-2016: Annual Component
Replication Data for: "The Vertical Distribution of the Optical Emissions of a Steve and Picket Fence Event"
Provincial Symmetric Input-Output Tables, 2015
Supplementary Data for Evaluating How Landform Design and Soil Covers Influence Groundwater Recharge in a Reclaimed Watershed
Provincial Symmetric Input-Output Tables, 2014
Piyapong's DOI Testing 4
Piyapong's DOI Testing 3
Piyapong's DOI Testing 2
Data from: Genome-wide evidence of environmentally mediated secondary contact of European green crab (Carcinus maenas) lineages in eastern North America
Data from: A climate-associated multi-species cryptic genetic cline in the northwest Atlantic"
Data from: Suspended sediment causes feeding current arrests in the glass sponge Aphrocallistes vastus
The influence of perceived competition on motivation to fake in employment interviews
Piyapong's DOI Testing
Scoring instrument for reference tools
Replication Data for "The Measurement of Electoral Competition"
Enquête sur la sécurité financière, 2005 [Canada]
Appendices for: Dairy Cattle Transition Period: Disease Prevalence and Risk Factors in Grazing and Freestall Systems (thesis) by Ruan Daros
Unreal simulation pedestrian at crosswalks
Enquête sur la sécurité financière, 1999 [Canada]
Replication data for: First-year university is associated with greater body weight, body composition and adverse dietary changes in males than females
Replication Data for: HUG-5 Validation
Replication Data for: Vertical size structure is associated with productivity and species diversity in a short-stature grassland: Evidence for the importance of height variability within herbaceous communities
Enquête sur la population active, Juin 2019 [Canada]
Labour Force Survey, May 2019 [Canada]
Enquête sur la population active, mai 2019 [Canada]
Labour Force Survey, June 2019 [Canada]
2016 Census of Population [Canada] Public Use Microdata File (PUMF): Hierarchical File
Recensement de la population, 2016 [Canada] Fichier de micro-données à grande diffusion (FMGD): Fichier hiérarchique
Supplemental data for: Constraining the Source Regions of Pulsating Auroras
Replication Data and MATLAB code for: "Evaluation of Simulation Models to Mimic the Distortions ..."
[Orthophotos, University of British Columbia Vancouver Campus], 2019
2016 Census Public Use Microdata File (PUMF): Hierarchical file
UBC Farm Soil Lab Results
The Effects of Perceived Professor Competence, Warmth, and Gender on Students’ Likelihood to Register for a Course
Canadian Income Survey, 2015
Enquête canadienne sur le revenu, 2015
Cougar GPS collar data in west-central Alberta
Cougar kill site data in west-central Alberta
Neurophotonics tutorial on making connectivity diagrams from Channelrhodopsin-2 stimulated data
Labour Force Survey, November 2016 [Canada]
Labour Force Survey, October 2016 [Canada]
Labour Force Survey, December 2016 [Canada]
Risk of Any Hypoglycemia with new antihyperglycemic agents in patients with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Summary Data for PTV trajectories in Wind tunnel experiments, 2019
Enquête sociale générale, cycle 30, 2016 [Canada]: Les Canadiens au travail et à la maison
Environmental flow limits to global groundwater pumping
Replication Data for: "Framing the Eurozone Crisis in National Parliaments: Is the Economic Cleavage Really Declining?"
Systematic phenomics analysis of ASD-associated genes defines shared functions and identifies parallel genetic networks underlying hypersensitivity and impaired habituation learning
Enquête sur la population active, juillet 2016 [Canada]
Enquête sur la population active, août 2016 [Canada]
"RG Check" responsible gambling accreditation scores for land-based gambling venues
When two mindfulnesses meet
Modeling the influence of synaptic plasticity on after-effects
Free live sports streaming websites dataset
Comparative Provincial Election Project Survey, 2011-2014
International Cigarette Consumption Database v1.0
Campus Design for Wellness University of Calgary Survey Dataset
Carbon Dioxide Exchange at the Cape Bounty Arctic Watershed Observatory (CBAWO), Melville Island, NU (2014)
Profile of Edmonton Neighbourhoods, 2016
Enquête sur la sécurité financière, 2016 [Canada]
Sohaib Dataset
Toray 120A
Toray 120C
Narratives in Ibadan Yoruba
Characterization of 'Star' Droplet Morphologies Induced by Charged Macromolecules
How Do Non-Covalent Complexes Dissociate in Droplets? A Case Study of the Desolvation of dsDNA from a Charged Aqueous Nanodrop.
Effect of counterions on the charging mechanisms of a macromolecule in aqueous nanodrops
Alberta Throne Speeches 1906-2017 (Comparative Agendas Project)
Road impact on methane: data
SSAR magnitude correlation code, catalog, and plot data
Road impact on hydrology: data
Human Rights Foreign Policy Simulation Pre and Post Test Data, 2017-2018
Replication Data for: Determining water level responses to barometric pressure fluctuations from seconds to days
Labour Force Survey, April 2019 [Canada]
Indian Residential Schools Locations Dataset (Geodatabase)
Emil, Palliative Care
Mildred Blonde
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