Blog from February, 2017

Good afternoon all!

My question today is around Lecture Capturing and Close Captioning practices.

As you all know, we are required as part of AODA to caption all media created after 2014. This applies to lectures being captured, as well as to our legacy media collections and media we are creating in the libraries.

If your institution is anything like McMaster, we are capturing tens of thousands of minutes of lectures each year. To send this all out to be captioned (if we could get access to the content) would be very costly.

Add to this that these lectures are only used for one term. Not something you can caption once and keep using term after term.

So, what we would like to learn more about what other schools are doing? I would be happy to summarize for the group, if there is interest.


  1. What lecture capture product/software is your campus using?   ie. McMaster is using Echo360

  2. Who manages this service on your campus? Is it part of the library?

  3. Are these lectures being close captioned?

  4. If so, is captioning an option within the capture software?

    1. Do you pay an additional fee for the captioning? If so, how much?

  5. If captioning isn't included, are you able to arrange to have this content captioned directly?

  6. What school are you affiliated with?                                                     Email address;                                                                 (you only need to include this if you are comfortable with receiving some follow up questions)


Thanks for your input!


Anne Pottier

McMaster University