Suspensions are used to indicate that your location will be unavailable as a lender for a period of time. Being suspended causes your location to be skipped in the rota.

To add a suspension (or other closure type) to your library's calendar:

1. Go to Locations --> Edit Own to call up your location record.

2. Scroll down the page (it's faster if you click the Show/Hide buttons to hide all the address details) until you get to the part showing the Local Holidays and Calculated Holidays.

3. Click the "New Holiday" link on the right side of the screen. RACER 'new holiday' icon button

4. Enter a Description. This can be something generic like "temporary suspension" but it should provide some information to potential borrowing libraries. Other OCUL libraries can see this description when your location is added to their rotas a few days before the suspension.
5. Enter a Start Date. If you select the current date as the Start Date, the suspension begins on the next day.
6. Enter an End Date or leave blank if the duration of the closure is unknown.
7. From the Closure Type drop-down select "Suspended - Requesting OK". This will allow your patrons to place requests while you are suspended.
8. Click "Save & Close"

RACER screen shot showing 'new holiday' fields

9. When you want to be available again for lending, either delete this entry from the calendar, or edit it by adding an End Date using the Edit Holiday or Delete Holiday options:

See "Editing the calendar and suspension settings" on the 4.1.3 page (requires wiki login) for more details on the different types of calendar entries.

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