In the RACER Web interface, there are 3 different fields on the Advanced Search screen that can be used to search for requests made by a particular patron: Patron Name, Patron Barcode, or Patron ID. None of the searches are case sensitive.

Regardless of which field is used, calling up all of a patron's requests requires selecting the following options from the left side of the screen:

  • "Include Completed requests"
  • "Display Not Supplied requests"

menu with 'display not supplied requests' and 'include completed requests' options highlighted

Searching by Patron Name

Although most patron name data in RACER is formatted First Last (e.g., Bob Smith), the patron name associated with SFX requests is often in the format Last, First (e.g., Smith, Bob). Currently, when searching for requests by patron name, staff should try both First Last and Last First (or just %Last if the name is not a common one) in order to call up all requests.

A faster way to search would be to use the name to look up the patron’s barcode or ID and search for requests by barcode or ID instead.

Searching by Patron Barcode or Patron ID

Patron Barcode and Patron ID require an exact match. For barcode this includes the 3- or 4-letter prefix at the beginning of the barcode number, eg., OWTL-, ONB-, etc.

To find a patron's barcode or ID either look at the Requester section of their request, or do a User search to call up their detailed patron record.

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