• Search is free-text and matches on RACER codes (e.g. OTU40, OPE01, etc.); symbols (LAC, OCLC, GSM (Generic Script), etc.); and long descriptions
  • Currently there is no way to specify an exact match. If you are having difficulty adding locations to the rota because the search retrieves too many hits, try using the RACER code or a phrase from the long description (e.g., western libraries). You can also use the wildcard symbol % to enter multiple words that are not adjacent - for example, entering workaround%brock will retrieve U.S. email workaround for Brock and the other Brock workaround locations
  • If the search retrieves a single match, that location will be added automatically to the rota (the right-hand "Selected" box); otherwise, search results appear in the left-hand "Available" box and can be added to the rota using the Add arrow
  • Search is not case-sensitive

    RACER request screen shot showing 'rota details' section with 'available' and 'selected' boxes
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