Editing User Records

This bug occurs when editing a user record for which there is more than one search result on the page. The record being edited defaults to the first record in the list of results.

There are two ways to work around this bug:

  • Click "Edit" directly from the search results page, instead of "Details" and then "Edit". The bug only occurs when the Details screen is selected first.


  • Call up the desired user record by searching on exact barcode or email address, which should result in only one hit instead of multiple hits.

Incorrect Service Time/Date Field

The Service Time/Date Field which is usually automatically updated when actions or other changes are applied to a request, is not being updated correctly in the request record. Consequently, sorting requests by "Last Action Date" does not work. The two exceptions to this are the Shipped and Received actions, which have a separate time/date field that is accurate.


Both of the bugs on this page are fixed in later versions (8.x) of the VDX software.

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