The Cost Adjustment action is meant to be used by the requesting library as a local change to edit the information that appears in the "Requester cost" field on a Shipped or Received request. The action does not send a message to the responding library or change the status of the request.

To enter a new cost:

  1. Select Cost Adjustment from the Action drop-down menu.

2. Enter the amount needed to adjust the cost in the Cost Adjustment field. For example, if the lending library charged $12 but the correct cost is $15, you would enter '3' and then click "Update Cost"

3. The new cost will appear in the New Cost To Requester field:

4. Add a note if desired. Click the Adjust button when done.

5. The request remains Shipped or Received with a Last Action of Cost Adjustment. 

RACER request showing a last action of 'cost adjustment'

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