We still have a bunch of old requests in our Shipped work queue, from libraries to which we supplied articles months/years ago. It would take too long to Complete every request individually. What's a faster way of clearing these out so that they disappear from the work queue?

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  1. The fastest way to complete multiple requests is by using the Bulk functionality. Here are two ways to go about it:

    1. If you have a list handy of all the request numbers to be completed:

    • click Requests from the side menu
    • click the Bulk Action link from the top menu to call up the Bulk Action / Authorisation screen
    • in the ILL Numbers box, type or copy/paste the request numbers separated by blanks or commas
    • select "Complete" from the Action drop-down menu and click the Action button


    2. If you don't have a list of request numbers and just want to complete old requests:

    - go to the Advanced Request Search screen
    - enter the following search terms and click Search:
    Your Library's Role = Lender
    Status = Shipped
    Sort by = Ascending (this will display the oldest records first)
    Records per page = 20
    - on the search results screen, either use the check boxes to select individual requests, or use the Select All option from the Bulk Action menu at the top of the page (note Select All = all on one page, not all in the entire hit list)
    - click the Bulk Action button to call up the Bulk Action / Authorisation screen which will now have all the selected requests (or all 20 from one page)
    - select Complete from the Action drop-down menu and click the Action button
    - repeat as needed if there are +20 requests to be cleaned up

    Borrowers can use either of these two methods to clean up old requests. For the second method, substitute Role = Borrower and Status = Returned.