How are Cancel and Terminate Request alike?

The Cancel and Terminate Request actions both send a Cancel message to the current lender. When this occurs:

- If the current lender is another RACER location or an ISO location (e.g. CREPUQ, INFO, LAC, VDX Host locations, etc.) then the lender must respond with a Cancel-Reply-Yes action in order to fully cancel the request.


- If the current lender is a GS location, the request automatically behaves as if the lender had actioned “Non-Supply”. No action is required by the lender.

How are Cancel and Terminate Request different?

If the request has been actioned Cancel, when it is cancelled by the current lender it simply moves on in the rota to the next location. But if the request has been actioned Terminate, it goes to the end of the rota even if there are additional unused locations in the rota. Therefore, the Terminate action should be used when the request is no longer needed. The Cancel action should be used to move a request on in the rota when the current lender is no longer desirable.

What about the Cancel button that end users see?

The Cancel action in ZPortal behaves exactly like the Terminate Request action. Both Terminate and patron-side Cancel result in the “Request no longer required” message appearing in the request:

RACER request with status Cancel Pending showing the 'Request no longer required' note

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