When lending staff reply with "Answer Conditional", if the date in the answer is later than the original expiry date in the request, it overrides it and effectively becomes the new expiry date.

If the borrower responds "Conditional Yes", this does NOT stop the expiry process. Rather, the request reverts to In Process status with the Conditional date as the new expiry date. Lending staff must respond Will Supply or Shipped in order to nullify the expiry.

For example:

- Algoma sends Brock a request on Monday March 1

- the request has a default expiry of 5 days so it will expire at Brock after midnight of Friday March 5 (i.e., around 12:05 am on Saturday March 6)

- Brock replies "Answer Conditional" with a conditional date of Monday March 8

- Algoma gets the "Answer Conditional - Indication" as well as a message on the Audit screen informing them that Monday March 8 has overridden the original expiry date of this request

- Algoma responds "Conditional Yes"

- the request is once again Pending (at Algoma) / In Process (at Brock) with the Monday March 8 expiry date; if not actioned by Brock it will expire around 12:05 am on Tuesday March 9

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