Naming a project is tricky. You want to convey the breadth and scope of the work you’re doing, as well as the benefits to users of the final service. But you also want the name to be catchy, memorable, and easy to say. 

The Ontario Digital Library Research Cloud, aka the ODLRC, was our first try at a name. It acknowledged the breadth of what we were trying to do, but you wouldn’t call it memorable or easy to remember!

After much discussion, the Steering Committee has opted to keep most of this name (with the ‘Digital’ deemed unnecessary). We will use ‘the OLRC’ to refer to the large-scale distributed storage and preservation project currently underway. Services built on top of the OLRC, such as text mining or data visualization tools, will be given their own names, but will be “powered by the OLRC.”

Some legacy documentation may be altered to reflect this change and avoid confusion.

And so: the Ontario Library Research Cloud is born!


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