Last Friday, library staff from nine OCUL institutions gathered at Ryerson University for the first ODLRC Hackfest.

photo by MJ Suhonos

One goal of the Hackfest was to build familiarity with Swift, a module of the OpenStack cloud management software used to connect individual storage nodes into a distributed network. More broadly, the day was meant to strengthen relationships across OCUL, encouraging future collaborative efforts around the ODLRC. Knowledge gained from the hackfest, and from future days like it, will help each institution leverage their investment in this multi-year project, which will provide storage, preservation, and access to over a petabyte of local content.

photo by Mari Vihuri


The morning was spent learning about Swift; in the afternoon, small groups got to work on a range of projects, many of which are now posted to the ODLRC github.

For a more visual look at our day, see the ODLRC Hackfest Storify.

A huge thank-you to Nick Ruest  (York University) who organized the day, MJ Suhonos (Ryerson University), who handled on-site logistics, and Mari Vihuri (Scholars Portal Graduate Student Library Assistant) for documenting the day! 


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