Blog from April, 2014

Through an RFP process administered by the University of Toronto, the ODLRC technical team has selected Dell as the hardware vendor for the cloud storage systems.

Purchased equipment includes Dell Power Edge R720xd server populated with two 2.8GHz Xeon processors, 256GB of RAM, and two 200GB SSD drives, which will be used to run the operating system and the OpenStack software. Each head unit also contains twelve 4TB SAS drives for an internal storage capacity of 48TB.

Server rack Server rack


The Ontario Digital Library Research Cloud (ODLRC) has been awarded a Productivity and Innovation Fund grant from the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities (MTCU).

Ten OCUL institutions jointly requested $1.2 million to be spent on hardware, software, and staffing for the development of the ODLRC.  The collaborative nature of the project, as well as the significant cost savings brought about through large-scale consortial purchasing, made the proposal a success, and full funding was awarded.

 Using this funding, as well as funding committed by each partner institution, Scholars Portal and the partner libraries will build a high capacity, geographically distributed storage and computing network for Ontario researchers. The ODLRC will house large volumes of digital content, allowing for cost effective and sustainable long-term preservation. It will also support data and text mining through the development, hosting, and support of emerging digital research tools.

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