24 June 2021, 11-12 am


Discussion items

2minWelcome and introductionsBridget

Members List

5-10 minGear List


Dan Scott

Who's Got What Gear?(Hardware) and Tool Shed (Software)

Dan, if you want to talk about ILL. Dan is not available today

  • feel free to update/add to the lists (if you can't get access, send Bridget an email)
  • interest in creating a shared documentation/workflows space and list

Successes of the Last YearEveryone
  • WesternU has joined Permafrost
  • AGO was able to hire a time-based media conservator (may be one of the first position hired in Canada). She may join us in future meetings. We are a tiny institution but have a lot of responsibility in this area. We also launched our first digital preservation policy. Inspired by Baltimore Museum and other university colleagues in Ontario. Public link is forthcoming
  • Grant Hurley is working on a toolkit and resources for CARL around digital preservation policies. Please forward your public policy to Grant.
  • Jeremy Heil QueensU is working with "From the Page" on a transcription service. Crowd sourcing activity. Extremely popular with volunteers. The challenge is moving transcriptions over into DAMS that will be IIIF compliant. We also go our DAM (Islandora8) approved and migration will happen relatively soon but understandably slowly. Queens is also doing some Archive-It COVID related collecting. Sarah and Ben from "From The Page" are very friendly and good vendors to work with. They are considering integration with Islandora8. Financial model is an annual subscription (not too expensive). They considered Transkribus (AI based will do handwriting) but there was a barrier for access.
  • Anna St. Onge At YorkU we're working on Islandora8 migration and it is also slow going and we're spending a lot of time on metadata clean up.
  • Discussion: are folks managing multiple platforms for preservation and access and archival management? UofT: we have Islandora for public access, preservation platform for preservation etc. McMaster: we have a public Islandora instance and a private Islandora instance that  is restricted to IP. Queens: we've also de-coupled, we have AtoM separate and link to digital preservation/access copies.  Some consensus: AtoM does not manage/surface digital objects well because it is a hierarchical system. 
  • Question: Future topic for discussion: integrating AtoM with OMNI (there seems to be a critical mass of people in this group for some skill sharing and planning.

Action items

  • Future discussion topic: integrating AtoM with OMNI interface (Jeremy Heil will follow up)
  • Setting up a separate list for sharing documentation (Bridget Whittle will figure out how to do that)
  • Invitation for all members to update/refine Membership list and to update Tool Shed document
  • Meeting to be scheduled in late summer (stay tuned!)