Discussion items


Gear ListBridget

Discussion around the Gear List and how much it has been used and how up to date it is.

There has been some interest from the Archives Association of Ontario's Digital Access and Preservation Community to be able to communicate to smaller archives who has equipment and whether they are willing to have those smaller institutions come in and use the equipment. This would be done with consultation of the hosting archive.

Bridget added a 'last updated' column to the sheet as well.

New Initiatives - March 2020 Bridget

Steve Marks reported that he had been contacted by Art Rhyno and Loren Fantin of Our Digital World about a potential New Initiatives grant towards a digitization project of local newspapers. This would be similar to the NDNP project in the United States. This would help with standardization and would provide and open resource for all. 

Jeremy Heil, Sara Janes, and Dan Scott agreed this would be valuable both from a reference perspective as well as setting standards and providing guidance. Sarah Simpkin inquired about whether they were planning on doing the work in the plan. There was some discussion about what would be expected of the DC community.

Steve will see about getting something in writing from them for the community to review. Bridget will coordinate setting up an additional meeting time for discussion of the proposal if needed.

HiringJessGeneral inquiries around hiring. Tom Smyth said that LAC is looking to hire more digital archivists. And Jess reported that UofT's Media Commons is hiring a Media Specialist.

Next Meeting:  February 2020

Action items

  • All members are invited to update the Gear List. This is both for reference regarding common specs, but also in the interests of helping smaller institutions who cannot afford equipment. 
  • Stephen Marks will forward information about a possible New Initiative to the community.