June 5, 2015

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2015 Summit

Gabriela Mircea

Kelli Babcock

Patricia Moore

  • Applied for funding but denied funding because there are institutional costs to send people to the event (travel, etc.)
  • Could pull together a Summit without funding?
    • Kelli to look into getting U of T space
  • Kelli – need more volunteers to plan this (Jenny Jing no longer able to volunteer)
  • Gabriela and Pat volunteered to help organise
  • Kelli Babcock will send out meeting invite for Summit Planning Committee
  • Timeline: schedule for the Fall (committee will send out poll to find best time)

OLRC updates

Nick Ruest

Stephen Marks

  • Remote nodes have been ordered
  • Quotes for storage pricing for non-original founding partners is forthcoming – costing document will be distributed for a round of edits
  • Working on getting communications updated (updating SpotDocs website + building a site for the project)
  • Staffing changes at Scholars Portal right now but "there will be more stuff soon” (smile)
  • Project is in full beta stage
    • Technical Steering Committee has a call later today
    • Hoping to move to production as soon as possible
    • If you are at an institution who is an OLRC partner, need people to test the beta instance 
 Platform updates: Archivematica 
  • Steve: working with Archivematica a bit at U of T, trying to figure out its place in the number of existing work-flows. Looking at it for e-records, digitized content, and potentially some use for research data preservation pipelines (but this is early days)
  • Nick/Anna: York has aspirations to use Archivematica
  • Wade: McMaster is in the same place.
  • Nick: Simon Fraser and University of Saskatchewan paid Discovery Garden to integrate Islandora and Archivematica.
    • Archidora - Islandora Camp BC (Justin Simpson slides)
    • Steve: Archidora inspired by the CARL Portage project to have national efforts for research data management. Archivematica to be an ingest pipeline.
    • Nick: trying to figure out where Archivematica fits in the work-flow. At York, see it as a tool to quickly accession and process objects and then can curate them in Islandora. AIPs are AIPs: AIPs in Fedora are wrapped in FOXML / AIPs in Archivematica are wrapped in METS.
    • Steve: interest at UofT is that not all content needing preservation will need to be curated (and go into Islandora). Want to be able to have some content under semi-active management that won’t go into our production repositories for privacy/space/etc. reasons. Archivematica would facilitate these types of use cases.
    • Kelli: Jeremy Heill doing e-records management/Archivematica workshop through Archives Association of Ontario. Maybe there would be community interest in having him do a workshop through the OCUL DC Community?
 Platform updates: FedoraNick Ruest
  • migration-utils
    • Part of the Islandora/Fedora 4 migration
    • Mike Durbin from U of Virginia started working on a command line tool that will take Fedora 3 objects and put them into Fedora 4
    • Nick and Danny Lamb have been working on this as part of their Fedora 4 work
    • Workshop on this at Open Repositories
    • If you want to test, in the README there is a guide for testing
    • Nick added a link to all of the mappings from Fedora 3 properties to Fedora 4 properties
      • Double daggers are things that haven’t been implemented yet
      • Have to do audit trail mappings, will be working on this after OR
  • Fedora 4 sprints
    • See link for community feedback regarding features for next Fedora 4 sprints
    • If you have the time and resources to get involved, please get involved
    • Andrew Woods and David Wilcox are Duraspace project leads
  • Fedora 3.8.1
    • Release candidate out, asking community to test
    • After testing release candidate, the release should be out (after Open Repositories)
    • This is theoretically the final release of Fedora 3... MJ is excited for the next generation of Fedora!
 Platform updates: IslandoraNick Ruest
  • Islandora & Fedora updates
    • April
    • May
    • Islandora/Fedora 4 project that started in January is going very well - see links for updates
    • Presenting on this at OR
    • Have been working with Hydra and Fedora community on the Portland Community Data Model. This is progressing very well.
  • Islandora Ontology
    • This is mapping all of the Fedora datastreams and RELS-EXT / RELS-INT properties
    • RELS-EXT = fedora datastreams for external (external relationships about that object)
    • RELS-INT = fedora datastreams for internal (internal relationships about that object)
    • Islandora Roadmap Committee voted to publish the Ontology
    • Nick asking for people to peer review the Ontology
    • Also looking at where other namespaces exist
    • MJ says big thank you to Nick for this! He will peer review.
  • Islandora XML Forms
    • The best and worst part of Islandora! Lets you create magical metadata forms, but it is very complicated and the developer who created Islandora XML forms works on other projects now.
    • Sustainability issue: if we want to continue to use this, we need community support around Islandora XML Forms.
    • Trying to figure out how to move forward from XML Forms
    • MJ asks about other forms out in the wild... Nick says they have checked - on 7.x-2.x project: Jared Whiklo, Nick, and Danny tried to integrate University of North Carolina form builder but the way the javascript was written and the way Drupal handles javascript didn’t play well… have also assessed other options. Thing that is working well right now is Alex O’Neil (original developer of Islandora)’s Drupal XPath (allows you to create Drupal fields based on XPaths). If this works and covers community needs, maybe we don’t need XML forms.
    • Nick has investigated a really nice JSON editor but our profession is invested in XML (smile)
  • Islandora 7.x-1.5
    • Third community release Came out on April 30th!
    • 4 new modules: Disk Image Solution Pack; Entities Solution Pack (good for adding peoples/places/organizations to Islandora – IR purpose/adding authority objects); Islandora Path Auto (allows you to create friendly URIs from your object – incorporates Drupal path-auto); PDF js viewer
    • Complete re-structuring of documentation
    • Next release: October 2015
    • Steve: what formats does disk image solution pack support? Nick says it supports whatever Sleuth Kit supports. Ingested a whole bunch of DVDs at York as a use case.
    • Zach Vowell at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is incorporating disk image viewer from Bit Curator into Islandora (messages on Islandora mailing list about this).
  • Islandora Conference
 Platform updates: DSpace 
  • Gabriela had a minor update at end of May
    • Fixes for OAI
  • Steve: U of T also upgrading in the coming weeks
  • Courtney: Waterloo expanding ETD repository to include faculty publications, moving to 5.2 version today for test site. Soft launch in the summer. Also have a partially configured Islandora instance. 
 Platform updates: Dataverse 
  • Courtney: Waterloo will be re-introducing faculty to Scholar’s Portal Dataverse. Courtney Matthews will share slides!
    • Stephen Marks also has some old slides, he will send as well if they are relevant
 Platform updates: Omeka 
  • Anna worked with a York Librarian and was planning on doing a traditional research paper during her research leave. Anna + Nick supported her to use Omeka to build an Omeka exhibit instead and it really boosted her profile, provided a way for more people to access her research. She used a simple template from Omeka and it worked well.
  • Sara Simpkin – conducting Omeka training sessions with students
  • Kelli - finding that users of U of T's Omeka instance don't want a "DIY" solution. Actually want to pay someone to design something slick and professional - above and beyond what Omeka-without-developer-intervention can accomplish
  • Anna – did an Omeka workshop for a digital humanities graduate seminar but the vast majority of students in the class didn’t go with Omeka. Felt it was too complicated. Prof who was running the class got frustrated with Omeka. 
  • Group agreement that Omeka out-of-the-box can be frustrating, and that most example Omeka sites/exhibits are the result of extending Omeka

Platform updates: AtoM

  • Ryerson:
  • Kelli: UTL working on AtoM multi-departmental instance, have a wishlist for AtoM development
  • Anna: at ACA conference the AtoM folks are getting together
  • Discussion about provincial and national catalogs. Disconnect in community between people getting up and running with AtoM but then getting content into national or provincial catalogs.
  • Islandora Archival Interest Group has new convener so that will start up again
  • ARCAN-L announcement that Archives Canada will be online soon - yay!

Project ARC/Portage updates

  • Steve: this a project under CARL to develop national capacity for research data management. Idea is that there will be forthcoming requirements for open access data retention and all of that good stuff. Academic libraries need to be better equipped to deal with these requirements.
  • Has an education and training element plus infrastructure element to solve some shared gaps in research data management and preservation.


  • Digital Odyssey is next week, Friday June 12
  • Courtney doing a workshop with graduate students on OJS – trying to connect more with liaison librarians to recruit content 
  • Next call to be led by Steve! Keep an eye on the mailing list for the next meeting. 3 months from now. 

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