March 20, 2015

10am-12pm EST

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Toll-free: 1-866-602-6845
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  • Introductions
    • Hi, everyone!
  • Moderator term
    • Terms of reference state the duration of moderator's term is 2 years. Nick's 2 years are drawing to an end. Anybody want to do this job?
      • Stephen Marks volunteers, but is happy if others want to do it too.
  • Regional Digitization Centres proposal: updates (Jenny Jing) Taylor Family Digital Library (Youtube)
    • Not much of an update
    • Segued to conversation around shared Islandora instance
      • Current working team is Jenny JingNancy LemayDan Scott (Dan notes his time is limited in the next while)
      • The group wants to submit a proposal to OCUL Directors in May
      • Current interested parties are: Waterloo, Queen's, Ottawa, Laurentian, University of Ontario Institute of Technology , others?
      • (red star) Action Item: Jenny JingNancy Lemay will write draft proposal and submit to the DCC for comment. Feedback can occur online or at a specially convened meeting.
  • AODA and Digital Repositories (Courtney Matthews)
    • Accessibility Information Toolkit for Libraries (Section 3.3, pg. 25)
      • Content formatted by a third party
      • "Encouraging" proper formatting. Strategies and resources?
      • Processing deposited content for accessibility
    • Waterloo is standing up a new IR, and trying to assess compliance with AODA. Hoping for an open conversation on what others have found wrt IRs and accessibility.
      • Many institutions have put their greatest efforts toward ensuring AODA compliance on licensed content, so there is some perception that IRs are lagging behind.
      • Many repository software platforms have OCR software built into workflows
      • Question: Are Islandora and Dspace AODA compliant?
        • Dspace:
          • XMLUI Mirage theme - no
          • JSPUI c.a. DSpace 1.7, such as is still being used at, is accessible (subject to any local customization of course)
          • Mirage2 theme claims to aim for "best practices with regards to cross browser compatibility, accessibility and performance" but needs AODA validation
        • Islandora - it's hit or miss, depending on the content/solution packs in use
      • Question: Is Islandora OCR configured as a microservice or is it an integral part of the platform?
        • Nick Ruest - it is a microservice, it is Tesseract
    • Recognition that there could be value to ongoing conversation with the OCUL Accessibility Community here
  • OLRC Updates (Nick Ruest, Stephen Marks)
    • All remote nodes have been deployed, Amaz is ironing out some network hiccups and upgrading Swift.
    • Question: Has there been any development on storage pricing for non-OLRC-grant participants?
      • The Storage Pricing Committee has been formed to answer this very question!
    • Request: Can some rough outline of the various "when"s of this project be added to the OLRC page/propaganda?
  • Plan for 2015 Digital Curation Summit(Jenny Jing)
    • Jenny Jing is working with Kelli Babcock to plan the next DC summit
    • They wanted to gauge the interest in two different options:
      • in-person meeting
      • series of webinars
    • Question: is there OCUL travel funding?
      • Stephen Marks - not really. This is a perennial problem wrt OCUL in-person events.
    • Point was made to consider streaming the summit this time instead of just recording.
  • PASIG 2015 (Nick Ruest, Stephen MarksPaul Durand)
    • Stephen MarksNick Ruest presented on a few OCUL-related digital curation things. (OLRC and the DCC, respectively.)
    • Some conversation about the University of North Texas/University of Florida reciprocal auditing arrangement.
  • Platform updates
  • Project ARC/Portage update (Leanne Trimble)
    • Portage has 2 aspects:
      • A distributed centre for expertise in RDM in Canada
        • First deliverable will be a DMPOnline instance hosted at UofA
      • Preservation & discovery infrastructure
        • in partnership w/ Compute Canada & CANARIE
        • Uses Archivematica as a processing pipeline
          • OCUL is looking at passing AVM data from Dataverse, has contracted with Artefactual on this. Hope to complete work by June.
    • The best source of information from the project is the official communications - Carol Perry @ Guelph is the official contact.
      • Leanne is on the steering committee and will pass info to the DCC when she can
  • Round table
    • Jenny Jing - A bit more discussion re: the proposals for Digitization Centre and the consortial Islandora instance.
      • There are a lot of activities going on and we should make a move on some of these ideas or get left behind!