Jul 18, 2014



Discussion Items

Consortial/regional digitization centresJeremy Heil Jenny Jing Anna St. Onge
  • There is an amazing draft document that Jenny Jing set up that we can add to. 
  • We need to do more of a needs survey of the community (survey? survey!)
  • Needs and requirements (there is a gap between what users want us to do and where there are skill gaps,
  • Jenny has looked at different university and regional digitization groups (McGill is a ways ahead of us - OCUL can do better)
  • Anna mentioned Archives of Ontario is signally an interest in more collaboration, and we should consider community orgs like VTape where people have finely-tuned skill sets that we can exploit (collaborate!)
  • Offer options in the survey, rather than a blank page - helps guide the conversation and identify areas
  • See here: for the draft report
Archivematica webinarJeremy Heil
Islandora webinarNick Ruest
  • Nick, Krista and Sara will get back to everyone about stuff
BibliographyNick Ruest
Event PlanningKelli Babcock
  • Feedback please: 
  • Tentative dates: Friday 7, 14, 21, 28  November 2014 Fall 2014 (book it!)
  • Names/topics/stations to consider: Using digital forensics (FRED at UofT), Digital preservation policies, digitization work flows (UTSC), Jeremy/Steve Archivmatica (Jeremy/Steve), Islandora (Nick/Kirsta), Omeka (Leslie Barnes/Kelli)
  • Dan Scott : Is there overlap with the consortial planning? Bringing in OurDigital World/Internet Archive/VTape other third parties?  Fair point.  Let's check.
  • Budget: we have some $1450, let's see what we can achieve with that sum.
  • Ask Anika at OCUL to help us find an appropriate space for this event
  • Q: is there a listing somewhere for all of our skills and expertise? Let's do that.  A third spreadsheet?  Yes. Anna St. Onge will attempt to do this. But Jeremy Heil did it already here: Expertise.
  • Look at Tool Shed for some of the "how" questions that some of us brought up.
ODLRC updateNick Ruest
  • hardware is in, installed 5 June at York, 8 June at Ryerson and we're running a pilot on GTANet to test our bandwidth costs for exchange.
  • ODLRC hackfest on 20 June 2014. JWA blogged about it here: OLRC News
  • Fedora and Islandora worked well on ODLRC. Question: what does that mean? ODLRC runs Open Stack (object storage, not block storage), something something, go see About Our Technology
Update from ACA-TAATUAnna St. Onge
Next meeting is: 17 October 10:AM

Action Items