February 28, 2014, 10am



  • Introductions
  • Work  Plan
  • Event
  • Other business

Discussion Items

1. Email list 


2. Wiki space Done. Also, quarterly calls have been set up.
3. Event 

Need to put in a request to OCUL soon for the budget to hold this.

Event would probably be in the Fall - aim for late November

Ideas: focused discussions on gap knowledge area(s) would be most useful. Hands-on component.

How to identify the gaps? - Through the toolshed page on the wiki, need more schools to add information. Also - could put together a quick survey for community members about what they want. Nick & Jeremy will do this, aim to have it completed by the end of the month.

4. Identify opportunities for training The survey will address this, as well as encouraging people to participate in the toolshed.
5. Identify opportunities for shared infrastructure 

Cloud storage project is a big initiative related to this group. There has been talk in the technical committee there about a shared instance of Fedora, Archivematica. Need to ensure that we make good formal connection between this group and the cloud storage network.

Need to keep doing more to share information about individual institution's methodologies with others in this group.

6. Identify opportunities for consortially negotiated support for digitization of complex formats such as film, audiovisual recordings, and maps 

Need to have a page for who has used which vendors for digitizing these specialized formats - often these aren't done locally. Leanne will set up a specific page on the wiki that is available to community members only.

Also, would be good for people to comment on how well the equipment they have works for them - post these comments to the discussion list. Taking pictures or linking to more information online would also help.

Might be good to have a page listing who wants to digitize what, projects not yet begun. Would be a good way to identify common interests. Nick will add a new page on the wiki for "digitization dreams".

Other business / general discussion 

Consultation with all of OCUL - should try to identify an individual at each institution and ensure they know about the community and/or can fill out the gap survey. OCUL-SP has representation from all the schools and may be able to make connections in their schools.

The Geo Community space is not listed on the landing page of spotdocs yet - Leanne will investigate. Cross polination between the groups would be good. Cheryl will show the "Who is Digitizing What" and "Who's got what gear" pages to the Geo Community.

Brief discussion about digitizing maps and air photos - cameras are often better than scanners. Need best practices for georeferencing.

Action Items

  • Nick Ruest will work with SP / OCUL to regarding event budget and funding request.
  • Nick Ruest and Jeremy Heil will work on the gap survey, for the end of March
  • Leanne Trimble will set up a page on the wiki restricted to this community
  • Nick Ruest will set up a page on the wiki for "digitization dreams"
  • Who will contact OCUL-SP about communicating with all OCUL schools about the gap survey?
  • Leanne Trimble will investigate why the Geo Community is not on the spotdocs landing page, and send a link to the community wiki to this group
  • Cheryl Woods will report to the Geo Community about the meeting and let them know about the wiki pages gathering information on who is digitizing what

Next Conference Call

April 11, 10am