- The repository shall have procedures, commitment and funding to replace software when evaluation indicates the need to do so.


SP has a commitment of funding for regular software replacement and upgrade. Administrators assess and, if necessary, revise funding commitments during the repository's annual budget review. SP has no fixed schedule for software replacement, but relies on information received from its Designated Community and from internal performance reports to indicate when software change is needed (see section for more information). When software replacement is necessary, SP staff analyze information provided by vendors, consult experts at OCUL member institutions and the University of Toronto Libraries' Information Technology Services, and conduct a cost-benefit analysis of software alternatives. To support decision-making, SP has an inventory of hardware and software components. Please see and for information about software change processes.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

SP Director

Software Developer

Potential Risks

Loss of funding, whether through cuts or freezes, can make it difficult for the repository to replace or upgrade software. SP has assessed the risk of loss of funding and implemented risk-minimization strategies. Please see the Risk Analysis and Management Strategies document for more information.

Relevant Documents

  1. Risk Analysis and Management Strategies
  2. Hardware and Software Inventory (available on request)
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