- The repository shall have procedures in place to evaluate when changes are needed to current software.


SP employs a number of experienced systems administrators and programmers to oversee its technical operations and evaluate when software changes are needed. In addition to their operational duties, systems personnel monitor development in programming and software, attend relevant conferences, and upgrade their skills through SP's professional development program (see

SP has the expertise to evaluate software alternatives and the timing of software replacements or upgrades. Evaluations vary in formality according to the circumstances. When necessary, staff consult vendors for additional information and advice. Staff evaluate potential changes for their effect on the integrity and understandability of information, the speed and interoperability of the system, and the accessibility and usability of content. Staff also take the cost of software and future maintenance into account.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

Software Developer

System Administrator

Potential Risks

There is a risk that software development personnel, who know the Designated Community, hardware platform, and application behaviour intimately, will leave the organization at some point. To minimize this risk, SP uses well known software development practices and delegates critical responsibilities to several people. Please see the Risk Analysis and Management Strategies document for more information about SP's strategies for reducing the impact of personnel departures.

Future Plans

SP has procedures, commitments, and financial resources for regular software replacement or upgrade. See for details.

Relevant Documents

  1. Risk Analysis and Management Strategies
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