4.2.7 - The repository shall ensure that the Content Information of the AIPs is understandable for their Designated Community at the time of creation of the AIP.


SP conceives of the "understandability" of Content Information by its Designated Community on three different levels: Intellectual Understandability, Usability, and Accessibility.

  • Intellectual Understandability - SP ingests Content Information based on demand and direction from OCUL member institutions. For this reason, SP relies on OCUL members to select content that is useful and understandable to faculty, researchers, and students. SP receives ongoing and extensive feedback from its Designated Community and will work with libraries to resolve understandability issues.
  • Usability - As explained in the Preservation Implementation Plan, SP is committed to using file formats that support long-term usability. In general, the considerations for selecting file formats include the "openness" of the file format, its level of support as a preservation format in the scholarly community, and its uptake among SP's Designated Community, as well as its well-suitedness to later format migration. SP continuously monitors developments in file formats to determine if and when formats require migration (see Environmental Monitoring of Preservation Formats).
  • Accessibility - In order to understand the Content Information, the Designated Community must be able to access content. SP works to provide accessibility for the Designated Community to all of its material. SP tests its user interface for compatibility with a variety of web browsers and operating systems. The repository is currently establishing an accessibility program for people with special needs.


Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

Relevant Documents

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