4.1.5 - The repository shall have an ingest process which verifies each SIP for completeness and correctness.


SP has mechanisms in place to verify the completeness and correctness of each SIP upon ingest.


  • Each Provider signs an agreement that defines the required components of a SIP. The unique loader script created for each Provider accepts only content conforming to this agreement. Any content differing from these requirements will result in errors in the loading process and will be recorded and reported to the appropriate SP staff.


  • The SIP is tested during the Pull Script process to ensure that the downloaded file size matches that of the original file still in the publisher FTP server. Any error is immediately reported to loader@scholarsportal.info and SIP is reloaded.
  • Each file in the SIP is passed through format identification and validation tools, currently JHOVE and DROID.

If an error is found during the Pull Script test, an email is sent to the loader and ingest is retried or loader script is corrected. If the error persists the Provider is notified.

Documents explaining the mechanisms in greater detail are available below. Please also see SP's definition of "completeness" and "correctness" in the Glossary.


Software Developer

Digital Preservation Policy Librarian

System and Web Development Analyst

Relevant Documents

  1. Pull Script Diagram
  2. Registry of File Formats
  3. Preservation Strategic Plan
  4. Preservation Implementation Plan
  5. Preservation Action Plan - Journals
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