3.3.4 - The repository shall commit to transparency and accountability in all actions supporting the operation and management of the repository that affect the preservation of digital content over time.


SP is committed to transparency and accountability in all areas of its operations and actively discloses a large amount of information about its activities. Documentation about SP's governance, staffing, repository administration, technical procedures, and history is available to the Designated Community and the general public on SPOT-DOCS, the repository's collaborative documentation portal. Exceptions include certain contracts, financial documents, and other privileged information, which are available on request. Contact information for staff is available on SP's website.

SP reports to OCUL Directors on a semi-annual basis and regularly convenes various topical sub-committees and working groups made up of representatives from the Designated Community. Please see OCUL's Committees & Groups directory and Reports & Digests for more information. Reports and meeting minutes produced by these committees are available to authorized community members on SPOT-DOCS.

To provide users with information about the long-term preservation of individual journal articles, SP has implemented a 'Preservation Status' view for each journal article. This provides information that demonstrates the effectiveness of the repository's preservation practices.

SP successfully completed the Trusted Digital Repositories Audit & Certification process by the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) in 2013. CRL published the results of the audit as Report on Scholars Portal Audit


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