3.1.1 - The repository shall have a mission statement that reflects a commitment to the preservation of, long term retention of, management of, and access to digital information.

SP's mission is defined by the Strategic Plan of the Ontario Council of University Libraries. Specifically:

“Provide and preserve academic resources essential for teaching, learning and research”

Please refer to OCUL Strategic Plan for the complete text.

This is further refined in the Designated Community Definition:

"The purpose of Scholars Portal's preservation efforts is to ensure long term access to a critical mass of works that has intellectual significance and long-term value, and deliver this in an environment that allows for ease of searching, browsing, retrieval, and reuse."

Please see also the OCUL-UTL Service Agreement, which contains the terms of SP's mandate for digital preservation activities.



Relevant Documents

  1. OCUL Strategic Plan
  2. Designated Community Definition
  3. OCUL-UTL Service Agreement (available upon request)
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