Access Policy

As articulated in the SP mission statement, one of Scholars Portal's primary purposes is to provide persistent access to consortially licensed resources to members of the Ontario Council of University Libraries. This service is defined in large part by SP's agreement with the OCUL member institutions (link). The resources in question are those licensed either through the OCUL consortium, through CRKN, or in some cases individually by the member institutions. This access is understood to be persistent - that is, resources licensed and made available will remain available even in the event of a later termination of the contract through which they were acquired.

Scholars Portal will, as outlined in its Preservation Strategic Plan , make every reasonable attempt to keep the intellectual content of the licensed resources in a format usable by the Designated Community of Scholars Portal.

In all cases, a member of the designated community will only have access to those resources which it has licensed, either through OCUL, CRKN or institutionally. This access also includes any open access resources loaded into Scholars Portal. This access is enforced through the use of an entitlements module within the Scholars Portal system, which tracks what materials are to be made available through the end-user interface.

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