OCUL maintains both a hardcopy and an electronic version of each publisher license. While the electronic copies of the licenses are maintained to be as accurate as possible, the harcopy on file in the OCUL office is always considered the canonical copy.

The electronic license copies are available at:http://www.oculd.scholarsportal.info/dbs/select.php

In the details for the product in question, the license is stored under the 'More Info' link under Terms & Conditions.

Where possible, the license signed by the content providers will contain the standard OCUL verbiage regarding local loading, perpetual access, and format transformation. The template for this wording varies by content type, and is provided in the form of a model license applicable to each type. (see below)OCUL EJOURNALS and DB Model License 2011.doc

  File Modified
Microsoft Word 97 Document OCUL EJOURNALS and DB Model License 2011.doc OCUL Ejournals & Database model license Oct 17, 2011 by Stephen Marks
Microsoft Word 97 Document OCUL Model Data license 2009-3.doc Model License for Data Products Oct 15, 2010 by Stephen Marks
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