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Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation SP Roadshow 2016 Dataverse and RDM.pptx Nov 08, 2016 by Kaitlin Newson
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Dataverse_Webinar_2016-11-08.pptx Nov 09, 2016 by Kaitlin Newson
PDF File Introduction to Dataverse - Ryerson Aug 9 2017.pdf Aug 10, 2017 by Kaitlin Newson
PDF File Dataverse-postcard-EN.pdf Sep 19, 2018 by Amber Leahey
PDF File Dataverse-postcard-FR.pdf Sep 19, 2018 by Amber Leahey


SP Dataverse videos

SP Dataverse video scripts

Presentation/webinar slides

Scholars Portal Dataverse: Institutional Permissions, 2019-02-21 - Amber and Meghan - Google slides

Using Scholars Portal Data Platforms: ODESI, GeoPortal, and Dataverse, 2018-12-05 - Amber and Meghan - Google slides

Dataverse update (as part of Back to School with Scholars Portal webinar), 2018-09-05 - Meghan - Google slides and recording

Demos: DMP Assistant and Dataverse (Queen's Biological Station), 2018-05-14 - Meghan and Alex Cooper - Google slides

Data at Scholars Portal (Queen's), 2018-05-02 - Meghan - Google slides

Introduction to Dataverse (uOttawa), 2018-04-19 - Meghan - Google slides

Introduction to Dataverse (Ryerson), 2017-08-10 - Kaitlin & Kevin - 

Dataverse webinar, 2016-11-08 -

External resources

Portage Dataverse North materials:

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