Scholars Portal has contracted Artefactual Systems Inc. to integrate Dataverse into a production release of the preservation processing tool Archivematica. Dataverse is a popular open source repository tool for uploading, managing and providing access to research data. Scholars Portal hosts a multi-institutional Dataverse platform as part of its suite of services for the Ontario library community. 

This technical integration project will enable users of Archivematica to select datasets from Dataverse instances and process for long-term preservation and management. The Archival Information Packages (AIPs) will include metadata and derivatives created by Dataverse. 


The first phase of this project produced a proof-of-concept workflow in 2015.

The second phase brought the proof-of-concept workflow into a public release of Archivematica in 2018. Check out the sandbox here!

More information

You can read more about the project's progress on Archivematica's Dataverse integration wiki page

For more background about the project, see our phase I project page.





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